At Apple’s WWDC 2021 developer conference, Apple talked about new privacy settings. An important new feature of the presentation was a new paid service, iCloud+. This subscription, which includes increased privacy protection.

What can users expect from iCloud+

Apple promises that no website will ever be able to track a user again. This is because there will be a certain layer between the Internet and the user.

Hiding Email

Users, for example, will be able to hide email addresses when signing up for sites via Apple ID. The Hide My Email feature creates random emails for users when they sign up for services. And there will also be the ability to save recordings from video cameras that support HomeKit.

Trusted Persons.

Another iCloud trick is the ability to designate a trusted person who will have access to the deceased person’s account and data in the event of death.

Improved health metrics

Additionally, Apple has paid attention to health metrics. iOS will track how a person walks, compare the data to the average and tell the user if everything is okay. This feature will indicate problems with the spine, joints and more.

Users will be able to share readings from the Health app with their friends or relatives, for example. And Apple Watch users will have a new metric – tracking the number of breaths per night, which will allow to determine the quality of sleep even more accurately.

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