De Tomaso P900 900 hp hypercar unveiled

It costs $3,000,000 and will be limited to 18 pieces

Resurrected in 2019, De Tomaso introduced the P900 hypercar. As expected, the new $ 3,000,000 was equipped with a V12 engine that runs on synthetic fuel and develops 900 horsepower. True, such engines will be installed at the end of 2024, so for now the car can only be ordered with the V10 Judd. Unlike the P72, the “nine hundred” is more deeply developed in terms of aerodynamics: it was even blown in a wind tunnel, which is used for Formula 1 cars.

Alejandro de Tomaso believed that Italian overengineering, in particular V12 engines, was hindering the success of Ferrari and Lamborghini in the United States, so he chose Ford engines for his cars. However, many years later, the company bearing his name nevertheless introduced a twelve-cylinder car. They became the hypercar P900 at a cost of three million dollars and a circulation of 18 units.

De Tomaso P900 900 hp hypercar unveiled

The Berlinetta, with a retro design, is built on a P72 chassis. It differs from the donor in a deeper aerodynamic study of the body (even an active wing with DRS is announced) and a set of available engines. While the resurrected De Tomaso’s first-born takes advantage of the Mustang’s supercharged V8, it offers a choice of V10 Judd and naturally aspirated V12.

According to De Tomaso, they managed to create the lightest and most compact twelve-cylinder unit in history. It runs on synthetic fuel, produces 900 horsepower and spins up to 12,300 rpm (200 rpm more than the GMA T.50 motor). The power-to-weight ratio of the P900 is a reference 1:1, like the Koenigsegg One:1. True, this is all that is known about the car today.

De Tomaso P900 900 hp hypercar unveiled

The full premiere of the P900 hypercar will take place in the spring. Apparently, the car will be track-oriented and will be able to take part in the announced De Tomaso Competizione monocup. More technical details of the project and the dynamic characteristics of the two-door are also likely to be revealed next year.

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