Employees at Café Prostoru, located on the premises of the National Technical Library in Prague, have figured out how to circumvent the authorities’ decision prohibiting the sale of coffee and other drinks in cups to take away.

As conceived by the Ministry of Health, this should prevent people from walking in large companies through the streets and squares, drinking coffee and talking.

The order, however, contains a clause that permits the sale of drinks in glasses to the driver and passengers in the car, while the purchase must be passed through the lowered glass of the car. Thus, it was planned to withdraw from the ban people who do not plan to walk, but just want to drink tea or coffee in their car on the way to work or home.

The employees of the coffee shop parked a car decorated with Christmas lights at the entrance and invite customers to sit in the salon for a few seconds, get coffee in a glass through the open window, and calmly continue on foot. Formally, there is no violation of the law.

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