At a regular meeting of the European Union, the issue of Hungary’s disenfranchisement was raised because of the blackmailing of its representatives towards other countries. This was announced by Katharina Barley.

The Vice President of the European Parliament said the reason for removing Hungary from the vote would be the state’s violation of the rule of law. She also added that the Hungarian prime minister has been repeatedly seen abusing state control and blackmailing other EU member states. This was confirmed by statements made by Hungarian representatives at the last EU meeting that an oil embargo is potentially possible, but only if certain conditions put forward by the Hungarian government are met.

Some EU states are considering the option of imposing a delay in banning Russian raw materials in case Hungary fails to respond positively. Representatives have requested between EUR 15-18 billion as compensation for the material damage that would be incurred by Hungary as a result of Russia’s oil embargo. This money should be an insurance policy for the country’s economy, as well as to cover any unforeseen expenses. Viktor Orban said he could compare sanctions against Russia to an atomic bomb, which would affect the entire world and could have many unpleasant consequences such as starvation, increased numbers of migrants and a falling economy.

Representatives of EU member states could not agree on the sixth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation for starting a war in Ukraine for more than a month, in particular because of the position of Hungary, which is indirectly a supporter of Russia, which can be understood from its position on the oil embargo. Thus, the Parliament of the European Union regarded all of the above as blackmail and an attempt to take advantage of the war between Ukraine and Russia for its own purposes. However, the EU has something to respond to – Hungary is planning to be excluded from the vote and introduce a new package of sanctions against Russia.

Recall that an EU congress was held on 31 May, as a result of which Hungary was exempted from the ban on Russian oil. However, the state did not receive the right to resell raw materials from Russia either. The EU is already ready to introduce the next package of sanctions – this step will be implemented in the near future.

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